Navajo Colourway in Philosopher's Wool

Our 'Navajo' colourway features periwinkle, bright turquoise, turquoise, jade, rust, wine, scarlet, Anne, and Kool Aid orange,and in some designs forest, grape, dark purple heather and barbecue green. The Ilona (Dark Navajo) version of this colourway uses darker shades of these colour.
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Navajo colour Your Own
Colour Your Own



Navajo Kilim Jacket

Kilim Jacket

Navajo Trillium Shawl

Trillium Shawl

Navajo Colour Your Own

Colour Your Own - Ilona
Navajo Striped Shawl
Striped Shawl

Navajo Alligator Teeth

Alligator Teeth

Navajo Fractured Diamonds

Fractured Diamonds
Navajo Stars

Navajo Diamond Eyes Shawl

Diamond Eyes Shawl

Navajo Euclid's Vision

Euclid's Vision

Navajo Circus


Navajo Jenna Louise

Jenna Louise

Navajo Jester Jacket

Jester Jacket

Navajo Southwest

Navajo Kilim Shawl
Kilim Shawl





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