The Story of Philosopher's Wool

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In 1986 Eugene Bourgeois, a sheep farmer and mystical philosopher started Philosopher's Wool so that he could buy fleece from Ontario farmers at a decent price. By profit sharing, he has been able to pay them over $2 a pound instead of the pennies that they were able to get on the open market.

This meant that he had to develop a special market to attract knitters to Philosopher's Wool and he did so by producing a wool that has not been treated with the usual chemical processes and retains a percentage of the natural lanolin. Philosopher's Wool has been described as non-allergenic; it certainly is wonderfully comfortable both to knit with and to wear.

Ann Bourgeois had learned to knit fair isle sweaters in the round, in Scotland . Together they have developed a fair isle technique in which the left hand knits the continental way and the right the North American way. The result is no puckering, no tangles and easy knitting.

You can learn this method from an 8 minute video lesson available on our web site - TECHNIQUE VIDEO. Some knitters have said that this method has changed their lives! They also have a sweater and accessories store at their farm where they usually have about a hundred hand knit sweaters available.

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