Tradition in Philosopher's Wool

This sweater is traditional as its name suggests. It uses only four or five colours and comes with a colouring guide. A broad diamond band frames it, with peeries (Celtic for "little bands") separating them. It, too, has become one of our most popular designs.

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Blues and Purples with Navy Tradition

Blues and Purples with Navy


Deep Sea on BlackTradition

Deep Sea on Black

Light Pastels Tradition

Light Pastels

Violets at NightTradition

Violets at Night

Bright Pastels Tradition

Bright Pastels

Black and Blue (no black!) Tradition

Black and Blue (no black!)

Blues and Purples Tradition

Blues and Purples



Deep Sea Tradition

Deep Sea

Dark Jewel Tradition

Dark Jewel

Peacock Tradition






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