Vests in Philosopher's Wool

Our vest kits are packaged so that you can make a vest and tam and socks, or two vests in the chosen colourway ( Fall, Night Sky or Peacock). These vests are made from a tube and are designed to showcase Timber Framed, Trillium, and Alligator Teeth. The Tradition pattern has been knit in Dark Jewel colours. The kits include 8 buttons and 11 skeins of worsted weight wool. They are not recommended for a beginner knitter but would make a fine second project when you are familiar with Philosopher's techniques.

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Peacock  Alligator Teeth Vest

Peacock Alligator Teeth


Hollyberry Alligator Teeth Vest

Hollyberry Alligator Teeth

Night Sky Trilliums and Alligator Teeth Vests

Night Sky Trilliums and Alligator Teeth

Fall Timber Framed Vest

Naturals Timber Framed


Dark Jewel Tradition Vest

Dark Jewel Tradition

Fall Timber Framed Vest

Fall Timber Framed






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