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'Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified' and 'The Original Philosopher's Two-Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories' by Philosopher's Wool
Our book 'Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified' and our instructional video 'The Original Philosopher's Two-Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories' (approx. 59 minutes) are visually inspiring, as well as instructional in all of the steps and techniques that are used in the creation of our beautiful sweaters. You will learn the two-handed fair isle knitting technique we use to create many of our sweaters from three knitted tubes. You will learn the simple cut and sew method for creating cardigans more simply. Lots of other tips and techniques abound in these wonderful reference materials. In addition, the book includes 16 of our sweater designs.

To view short excerpts from our video, 'The Original Philosopher's Two-Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories' which in it's complete version (approx. 59 minutes) includes many other tips and techniques such as steeking and the cut and sew method, please click Video Excerpts . Please note that this is a QuickTime file (.mov) which may take some time to view if you have only a dial-up connection. Windows users can save the file to disk by holding the shift key down when clicking on the link with their mouse. If you do not currently have a QuickTime viewer on your PC or Mac, you may download one free if you Click Here.

The video is available in two formats: VHS and DVD. The DVD is enhanced with chapter headings that take you directly to the section you want to use.The quality is excellent.
Included in the package is a pattern for the Color Your Own sweater used in the instructional material, and pictures of various Philosopher's kits designed since the original video was filmed.

Sorry- the book is now out of print. We may still have a few copies in our physical store if you would like to give us a call.

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'Sheep to Shawl' by Patricia Kim for Philosopher's Wool

"Sheep to Shawl"- a pattern booklet of eight stunning shawl and throw patterns that you can see here. They include new fair isles (knit in the round), arans and an absolutely stunning total beginner's striped knit shawl.
It is beautifully laid out with many of the pages watermarked with pictures of our sheep grazing in the pastures, and gorgeous pictures of some of our friends wearing the shawls in peaceful beach settings by Lake Huron. We are confident that you will enjoy our work as much as we have enjoyed putting it together with Patricia Kim. 44 pages.

Consider ordering a shawl kit at the same time so that you can make one right away!
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'Cabled Accessories' by Patricia Kim for Leisure Arts

Leisure Arts has published this 12 page booklet of Philosopher's Accessories.
It includes the patterns for their cabled mittens, scarf and hat, as well as their miser mittens
or fingerless gloves.
All are knit in 2 ply worsted weight except the mittens which are in 3ply chunky weight.
If you wish to knit a full set of accessories you require 4 skeins of 2 ply and 1 skein of 3 ply.
We hope these patterns and our wool will be useful for keeping family and friends warm in the cold months to come!

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'Sock Hop' by Joseph Madl for Philosopher's Wool
This is the new edition of 'Foot Notes' by The Sock Guy, DJ Madl. It contains all the original 13 sock patterns to match some of our sweaters. This version is 8x10" and published by Leisure Arts at a new lower price than the privately printed first edition. If you have left overs from your sweater knitting you will be able to make these gorgeous socks to match, or you may wish to purchase a colorway kit just to make 5 or more pairs for gifts!
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Knitting Bag designed by Mary Azarian
We have a special bag for you to carry your Philosopher's Wool knitting projects in. Created from a woodcut designed especially for us by Mary Azarian, you will find this bag a practical and handsome tote.
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