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(4 oz.) 2 ply or 3 ply

Kits see examples below

11 skeins (pullover)
  11 skeins with 8 buttons (cardigan)
  14 skeins with clasp or buttons (jackets, sideways knits, Sunshine and Ocean Spray Colour Your Own)
  15 skeins (fair isle shawls)
  16 skeins (crochet coat)

Needles (only available with kit purchase)

Circular, nickel plated, Addi Turbo needles
  Sets of 5 double pointed, nickel plated, Addi Turbo needles


'The Original Philosopher's Two-Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories' by Philosopher's Wool 


'Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified' by Philosopher's Wool
  'Sheep to Shawl' by Patricia Kim for Philosopher's Wool
  'Sock Hop' by Joseph Madl for Philosopher's Wool


'Cabled Accessories' by Patricia Kim for Leisure Arts
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11 skein (pullover)
11 skein with buttons (cardigan)
14 skein with clasp
16 skein Crochet Coat

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