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The Philosopher's Wool Company offers 41 colours for your knitting pleasure!Our sweaters are designed using our own Philosopher's Wool yarn, which is available in two different weights ,2 ply worsted weight and 3 ply chunky weight, and a wide array of colours. Our yarns are virtually non-allergenic and certainly not scratchy or itchy. We offer a distinctive palette of colours, ranging from traditional heathers and solid shades to unique "barbecued" wools and "cool" colours that are dyed with powdered drink mixes. Our yarns are sold in 4 ounce skeins with the exception of our four Barbecue colours which are 2 ounces only.

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Black and Naturals

Black and Naturals
Natural, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black

Pinks and Maroons

Pinks and maroons
Rose Heather, Salmon, Light Raspberry, Special Rose*, Special Raspberry*, Dark Raspberry, Light Maroon*, Dark Maroon*
* only available in 2 ply

Blues and Purples

Blues and purples
Bright Turquoise*, Turquoise, Jade,Periwinkle, Light Blue Heather, Dark Blue Heather, Grape,Navy, Dark Purple Heather, Light Purple Heather
* only available in 2 ply

Greens and Browns

Greens and browns
Light Green Heather, Oregon Green*, Alberta Green, Forest, Dark Green Heather, Dark Brown Heather, Peat
* only available in 2 ply

Oranges and Reds

Oranges and reds
Yellow, Anne, Rust, Scarlet**, Wine, Special Red*, MacRed
* only available in 2 ply
**Scarlet is discontinued

Kool Aid and Barbecue

Kool Aid and Barbeque Colours
Orange Kool Aid*, Barbeque Green**, Barbeque Purple**, Barbeque Plum**, Barbeque Red**
* only available in 2 ply
** only available in 2 ply Merino or Targee Wool in 2 ounce skeins
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