The Art of Debbie New

We are very pleased to present to you the award winning work of Debbie New in the form of her book 'Unexpected Knitting' and her cards.
Debbie grew up in Australia where she first began to knit. After University, marriage and motherhood, she and her family moved from country to country and finally settled in Canada. She holds degrees in Microbiology and Education, has worked as a musician and inventor as well as in the field of biomedical engineering, and is a mother of 8!
For the last nine years she has knitted seriously (and in jest) and shows her work and teaches around the world. She enjoys the non-traditional possibilities of knitting and has masterminded innovative freeform techniques, such as 'virtual knitting' and 'swirl knitting', to achieve striking effects in her work. She has won many awards for her 'knittings' and has been named Waterloo Region's Visual Artist of the Year - a surprising recognition for a knitter.
The cards are solds in the sets, grouped as you see them below. The cards are are all 5" x 7", blank inside, and come with plain white envelopes. They frame beautifully!
'Unexpected Knitting' by Debbie New
Debbie New is, arguably, the most inventive knitting designer of this generation. You may have seen her perfectly articulated knitted teacup and saucer, or the swirling garter stitch stockings on the cover of Socks, Socks, Socks, or the huge mosaic portrait of her grandmother comprised of hundreds of different garter stitch blocks, or her seaworthy lace boat(!) in A Gathering of Lace. Well, here is an entire book's worth of knitting outside the box: Unexpected Knitting. Be not daunted by the seemingly esoteric and abstruse concepts. Yes, the designs emanate from an extraordinary mind, but the author has reined herself in and written out detailed and comprehensive instructions for the rest of us. While you read, you may feel your brain creaking as it expands its scope of handknitting possibilities. You may be stunned, enchanted, inspired and encouraged all at the same time. Leap right in at the beginning with Swatchless Knitting and follow the progression through Free Form Knitting, Scribble Lace, Swirl, Sculptural, Virtual, Cellular Automaton, Ouroborus and Labyrinth knitting. Try to limit yourself to one chapter each week, lest you succumb to Knitter's Overload.


Consider the Lily
Granny Squares
Madonna and Child
Lace Coracle
Triple Exposure
Living Cave
Perennial Garden
Knitted Teacups
Wedgewood Pot
Tiffany Quilt


Armoured Vest
Rainforest Sweater
Yule Log
Detail of Knitted Jacket
Peacock Coat
Some Assembly Required
Cellular Automaton Sweater
Little Black and White Number
Yukon Vest
Ouroborus Jacket


Dancing in Chains
Holy Grail, Holy Gruel and Holy Smoke
Aurora Quilt
Duet for Thread and Theremin
Sea Portal
Pitcher Full of Fireflies
Forgotten Light
Philosopher's Stone
We Three Kings Disoriented Are
Yukon River
Pebbles Trapped in Grate


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