Felted Bags in 2 ply Philosopher's Wool



Felted Bags
Use 2 strands of the same colour and knit very loosely on 7 or 8 mm circular needles (US11).

Tension before washing: approximately 3 sts = 1 inch.
Finished bag measures 8 (11) inches deep after felting.

Cast on 80 (92) sts on a circular needle. Join.
Knit 5 rounds.

First, To Make Handle:
Next round: Knit 8 (10) sts. Cast off 24 (26) sts, knit 16 (20) sts, cast off 24 (26) sts, knit 8 (10) sts.
Next round: Knit 8 (10) sts, cast on 14 (16) sts, knit 16 (20) sts, cast on 14 (16) sts, knit 8 (10) sts. (Total of 60 (72) sts ).
Finishing the bag:
Continue to knit until 10 (13 ½) inches long in total.
With right sides together, cast off back and front together using 3 needle cast off technique.

To Felt:
Place in top loading washing machine. Use minimum water setting and powdered detergent. Fill four 500 ml. water bottles and place with bag in tub. Use hot wash and cold rinse. If necessary for felting, you can wash again.

Note: Smallest Fair Isle bag shown was knit from the sample purse pattern found on the website and then felted as above.

To Wash:
Hand wash in a large sink with Sunlight Liquid detergent in hand warm water. Allow to soak for 2 or 3 minutes, drain and rinse in several sinks of warm water. Squeeze gently and spin out excess in washer. Lay out flat on a towel, by wood stove or radiator until dry. Our wool washes easily and beautifully.
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