March, 2018
Important Ordering Information


On February 28th, our credit card processor upgraded their online security and we have been unable to process online credit card transactions since then. All payment processors are required to implement this mandatory change by the end of May, 2018. Unfortunately, the software that we use to manage our cart and online payments was developed by a company that filed for bankruptcy late in 2017. As such, there is little likliehood that we will be able to obtain a software fix to resolve the problem. In order to once again accept online payments, we will have to completely redevelop our web site and shopping cart - a costly and time consuming activity that we do not yet know the full extent of.

In the interim, we will process your credit card payments over the phone.  Please continue to add items to your cart and proceed through checkout as though everything is normal.  Once you have clicked on the payment screen, you will receive the following message in bold red lettering: "Errors were encountered during processing. Your card may have been approved! Please contact the web store to verify your order. DO NOT resubmit - if you resubmit, your card may be charged again!" Your card has not been processed as we are unable to connect to the payment processor.  You card information is also completely safe since we never store that information and it will simply be deleted as is normally done at the end of each transaction.

Once you have placed your order, make a note of the order number and what you ordered. Eugene or someone from Philosopher's Wool will contact you in order to get your credit card information and process the payment manually. They will have your order number when they call so you can verify the call is genuine.

We do apologize for the inconvenience which caught us entirely unawares, and we would like to thank all those who have supported our website over the past years and enabled us to continue to buy wool from farmers at a decent price.

PS:  Please remember that all our prices are listed in U.S. dollars.

Anne & Eugene


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