The Two-handed Fair Isle Technique

For those of you with broadband (cable or DSL) internet connections, the streaming video of Ann teaching the two-handed Fair Isle technique is now available. This is a short clip from our full video, 'The Original Philosopher's Two-Handed Fair Isle and Other Stories' which offers many more instructional techniques. Use the controls to pause, stop, rewind, fast forward and adjust the volume. There are three parts to the video, 'Stitches One & Two', 'The Third Stitch', and finally 'The Fourth Stitch'.

Note: The video now plays through Adobe Flash Player and is accessible to Windows, Mac OS and Linux users with Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and Safari browsers!

To order the full video click, VIDEO.

Why not try the 'Sampler Purse Pattern' to practise the technique.

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