Challenging Kits in Philosopher's Wool

These are the more challenging designs to knit. Circus Sweater uses Baltic braiding, Fin and Feather has quite a complex graph, the Kilim Jacket requires excellent finishing techniques, and the Mandala squares are knit like tam tops. None of these sweaters are beyond a knitter who has done a few other Fair Isle projects.
Click on the titles below to see a selection of sweaters in the pattern of your choice.




Cellular Automaton
NEW for 2009
Circus Sweater
Cossack Coat
Diamond Eyes Jacket
Fin and Feather
Fractured Diamond Jacket
Jester Jacket
Kilim Jacket
Mandala Afghan
Taylor's Tesselations
Timber Framed
Timber Framed Vest
Tradition Vest
Trillium Vest




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